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Do we have to book for golf?

This is dependent on the venue:

Liverpool – Monday-Friday If you are in a group of 20+ then it is advisable to call to let us know what day and time you are arriving. Saturday & Sunday It is advisable to book for Groups of 8 or more.

Bristol – No booking necessary for Groups of 12 or less.

Brighton – No booking necessary except for events.

Do you have a specific time where Children are not allowed in?

Liverpool: Yes. Monday – Friday after 8pm, Saturday & Sunday after 7pm

Bristol: No

Brighton: No

Do you have lockers or a place to put belongings?

No. But we do have plastic baskets on wheels (Liverpool and Bristol) in which to put your belongings which you can then take around with you.

Do you have a children’s play area?

Again, this is dependent on venue:

Liverpool -We have arcade games but no play area.

Bristol – We have a soft play area

Brighton – There is a neighboring children’s playground managed by Brighton Council.

Do you serve food?

Once again, this is dependent on the venue:

Liverpool – No

Bristol – No

Brighton – You can get hot food, snacks, drinks and ice-cream from our cafe.

How old do you have to be?

We usually say from the ages of 4-5 onwards. We do have smaller clubs for toddlers to use but it does depend on the children themselves.

Do I have to supervise my children?

YES. At all times on and off the course. It is a very important rule here at Jungle Rumble.

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